It’s not really the amount that matters, it’s the act of giving during this time

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“We have been a beneficiary of workplace giving campaigns for many years,” said Caroline Hayashi, President Waikīkī Community Center. In fact, generous workplace givers have enabled the center to help so many additional keiki and kupuna that “we decided to run a workplace campaign ourselves to give back as well and participate.”

In a recent interview, Hayashi stated that the organization operated with the belief that everyone needs help sometimes. And everyone can give sometimes. “With COVID, we all see how important it is that we take care of each other…It’s not really the amount that matters, it’s the act of giving during this time…feeling like you are empowered to help others.

It’s clear that Waikīkī Community Center knows what “community” means. In the era of this “new normal,” Hayashi reflected on the interconnectedness of her organization’s clients and staff with others in our island communities. “I am confident that as we work together, and take care of one another, we will emerge from this challenging time.

Each year, Aloha United Way provides Safety Net funding to agencies working to provide basic human needs and support people experiencing crisis. In 2020, we have invested $1 million into 30 programs that are working in the following five areas of need:

1. Disaster/Crisis

Provides a broad range of assistance for individuals and families experiencing crisis with a goal of returning the household to stability. The category includes medical care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, family violence services and community disaster response provided as one-time or short-term assistance, but may also include ongoing counseling, case management or care coordination.

2. Food

Provides access to food pantries, food banks, food delivery services and served meals programs.

3. Rent/Utility

Provides rent (or mortgage) and utility financial assistance.  Agencies may pay rent, security deposit, mortgage, and utility expenses to landlords or providers on behalf of eligible clients.

4. Shelter

Provides housing and related support services including emergency, transitional, and permanent housing.

5. Two-year Grants
Supports startup or pilot programs; programs/services with a higher degree of complexity; initiatives with a greater number of stakeholders or partners; initiatives that require substantial time planning; and new programs that are projected to be financially self-sustaining after the initial two years.

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