'I am in a much better place'

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Julie was homeless, jobless and felt defeated.

Her housing situation was dire. She was staying with friends, but didn’t feel wanted. She wasn’t healthy enough to work. Finding a job was impossible.

She stopped believing in herself and what she could accomplish in her life.

“I was overwhelmed, I wasn’t capable of finding a job,” Julie said.

She knew her life needed to change. Julie called Bartholomew County Works. That call set off the change in her life she needed.

“I feel so much better, I am in a much better place,” Julie said.

Bartholomew County Works is a program that offers resources to individuals which allows them to find financial sustainability through full-time employment.

Through Bartholomew County Works, Julie was connected to the VIMCare Clinic at Columbus Regional Health, where she received quality healthcare that allowed her to work again. 

“Because of getting healthy through VIMCare, I am able to have a part-time job now,” she said.

She took a class that allowed her to polish up her job skills so she could find financial stability through a job.

Julie began working at Yes Cinema, which is part of the Lincoln Central Neighborhood Center, eventually rising to the ranks of management.

She began believing in herself and got her life back. The job allowed her to save money and find stable housing.

“I am in a much better place, my mind is in a much better place,” Julie said. “I have some people that care a lot about me, so that does keep me going every day."

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