'I was really helped quickly'

Relief fund assists Columbus resident

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Charles watched as COVID-19 took over the world and leaped into Columbus and southern Indiana.

The Columbus resident depends on social security and disability to meet his basic
needs. He also drives a semi-truck part time in the spring and summer.

Last year, his long term girlfriend died of cancer and he struggled to take on all
the bills. His landlord had also recently raised his rent.

When COVID-19 hit and drastically cut into his hours driving a semi-truck in his busiest season, he knew he would need help.

The season isn’t over with, but I bet I have only made about $3,000 dollars,”
Charles said.

His stimulus check came in the mail and he used every cent to catch up on bills and to pay back people who had helped him when he had little income.

The check ran out and work wasn’t picking back up. He knew he would need help.

Except for a few trips to Love Chapel over the years, Charles had been mostly self-sufficient.  He had never asked for help from United Way before.

United Way and the Columbus Trustee stepped in and made sure Charles could still pay his rent in the midst of a pandemic.

He called the trustee for help and the agreed to pay some of his rent. United Way stepped in and paid the other part of his rent from the COVID-19 Relief Fund

“I was really helped quickly, and I was blown away by it,” Charles said. “I didn’t have to beg or borrow. I think it is awesome.”

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