Our 2019 Top 10 corporate campaigns

Thank you to these corporations which had the largest campaigns in 2019

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Your generous contribution will help us find solutions to the community's toughest challenges.

In 2019, our Top 10 Corporate Campaigns are the companies who ran successful campaigns that have invested the most resources into our partner agencies and UWBC programs.

The United Way workplace campaign unites every employee and gives them the opportunity to contribute to their community in a meaningful way by giving, advocating and volunteering.

We are proud to partner with these businesses to make our community stronger and to make sure everyone in our community has access to quality healthcare and education and has financial stability. All of these campaigns are major partners in moving the work of United Way forward.


The Cummins campaign makes a profound impact on our community and communities all across the country. The support of Cummins has helped to shape the work of our United Way and the services we are able to provide to the residents of Bartholomew County. Their dedication to community has truly changed the lives of thousands of individuals and families. The people on the Cummins fundraising team are incredible human beings. 

Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling has a tagline they often use that says, “Helping people carry the load,” and that could not be more true of this company’s actions. TMH has stepped up in a big way for our community, not only supporting United Way but partnering with our certified agencies as well.

Enkei America 

Enkei America is one of our oldest and strongest partners. Enkei, along with its leadership, and associates truly believes in supporting community. For years they have remained in the top 5 of our corporate campaigns, and this year was no different. Enkei has remained committed in their partnership with United Way over the years, no matter what.

Centra Credit Union. 

We call Centra Credit Union a 360 degree partner, meaning that they support and engage in nearly every aspect of our work. Their volunteerism and advocacy efforts are unmatched and can be seen in every corner of our community. This team of community-minded individuals also run one of the strongest workplace campaigns we’ve ever seen, continually increasing the amount of money raised year after year. Centra Credit Union lives by the mantra of "People helping People,” and they demonstrate that through their incredible community support.

Dorel Juvenile

Dorel Juvenile Group has always been a tremendous friend to United Way. They have continued to rise in the ranks of workplace campaigns through their unwavering support of Bartholomew County over the years. Dorel is not only a tremendous campaign partner, they are a thoughtful and compassionate company who shows up whenever they are needed. Whether it’s a volunteer need, a special project, and campaign support---they are always willing to lend a hand.

Faurecia Clean Mobility 

Faurecia Clean Mobility is a forward thinking company that continues to support and advocate for countless organizations within our community. Every time you turn around they are partnering with a critical agency in Bartholomew County, helping to ensure sustainability of resources and services for our local residents. The Faurecia employee campaign drives so much of our work, creating a significant impact on our local human services network.

Columbus Regional Health

Columbus Regional Health is not only staple in our campaign, but continues to be a vital partner in much of our work. The funds they raise through their annual campaign help sustain critical services and resources in our local community. However, by working together in all facets of our programs, we have helped hundreds of individuals live healthier, happier, more independent lives in Bartholomew County. 

Master Power Transmission

Master Power Transmission (MPT) is one of the longest running, steadfast campaigns we have. The leadership of the company and the long-serving campaign champion at MPT are just a few of the reasons why this campaign is so successful. While many things make the Master Power Transmission incredibly special, it is their campaign participation that speaks volumes about the kind of people they have on their team. MPT is one of the only companies who nears 100% participation in their workplace campaign---an impressive feat for an organization of any size. 

NTN Driveshaft

NTN Driveshaft has been a top 10 campaign for as long as we can remember, always leading local companies in giving. The continued support from the company and their thoughtful employees has made a unbelievable impact on the work of United Way and our certified partner agencies. NTN is not only a top partner of United Way, but a great friend and supporter of many local agencies. 

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

The BCSC campaign is one that would not be possible without all of the staff, administration and students working together. Each year we have the privilege of seeing countless students and teachers get creative in their fundraising to help support our work. The innovation and teamwork that is present in the BCSC campaign is truly astounding. From penny wars to teacher lip sync battles, each campaign demonstrates to the students that giving back can be both fun and impactful.

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