'The help we've received has been amazing'

UW agency helps young child get on track

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Weeks before his first birthday, Victor’s parents noticed he might be falling developmentally behind his peers.

Victor would not react when his name was called, hit his head against a wall when he was angry and was slow to start speaking. 

His parents knew he needed help to prevent him from falling further behind.

An acquaintance told them about Family School Partners, an organization that provides in-home education services to children and families. The non-profit agency is one of 17 who receives part of their funding through the United Way of Bartholomew County.

Once Victor’s parents were connected to Family School Partners (FSP), one of their staff educators began visiting Victor in his home and identified the need for additional developmental resources. He received speech and language therapy, special education curriculum, as well as physical and occupational therapy on a regular basis. According to Victor’s mother, they saw immediate changes in their son right from the start.

In a short amount of time, Victor's skills progressed. He became steadier on his feet, developed the motor skills to put his own toys away, began responding to his name when called and even asked to watch "Baby Jake," his favorite television program.

"For me especially, it was that he was able to communicate on his own and interact with the people around him, as well as having full development for his age," Victor's mother said. 

Victor has now caught up enough to start kindergarten thanks to the programming he received through this incredible United Way agency.

"It is very important to me that Victor achieves goals and he could not achieve them without the help of Family School partners," Victor's mother said. "The help and referrals we received have been amazing and will make Victor successful in his future."

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