'This is my place'

Partner agency helps Kim lead healthier, more financially stable life

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A little over a year ago, Kim was anxious, depressed, and worried about her ailing mother.

Her job at the time was not supportive of the time off she needed to care for her family.

Kim knew something in her life needed to change.

A friend helped her find Sans Souci. Sans Souci gave her a job with flexibility and helped her find resources she needed to better her financial situation and improve her health.

Sans Souci is one of 17 agencies and 32 programs United Way of Bartholomew County helps support through the annual campaign. Sans Souci offers clothing vouchers to our most vulnerable neighbors and offers a safe, steady place to work for people who may have other barriers.

“I was a miserable mess after my mother passed away. I wish I had been at Sans Souci when I was going through everything with my mother,” Kim said. “I know they would have given me the time, support and flexibility that I needed.”

Kim faced other barriers when she began working at Sans Souci, so she enrolled in the non-profit’s Employee Development Program. The program helps workers remove barriers in their lives that make it difficult to live a better life.

Sans Souci has provided her with clothing vouchers and helped her get to Love Chapel for food assistance and helped her get SNAP assistance. Sans Souci also helped get her health insurance and connected her with energy assistance at Human Services and counseling services through Centerstone.

“Sans Souci has not only helped me, but they have helped my whole family. Sans Souci is caring, non-judgmental and there is no embarrassment in asking for help,” Kim said. “This is my place; I hope I am here forever!”

Budgeting classes and meetings with a MoneyStrong coach have allowed Kim to make a budget and have set the groundwork for a more stable financial future.

“I really, really needed to meet with a financial coach,” Kim said. “I had never had a budget before, and my coach has helped me stay on track with paying my bills and avoid overspending.”

Sans Souci has seen a significantly positive shift in Kim since she started working at Sans Souci.

“Kim is so much happier and is more confident than when she first arrived,” said Jodie Eaken, Sans Souci’s Program Coordinator. “She is a valuable part of the Sans Souci team.”

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