'When you feel love you feel more fight'

Partner agencies step up to change our community

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Every day, United Way of Bartholomew County and our 17 partner agencies fight for the health, education, and financial stability of everyone in our community. 

For some of our neighbors, financial stability is getting help after a life altering event shakes up their budgets. Health support could mean getting a middle-aged woman resources she needs to get quality healthcare that allows her to continue her active lifestyle. Affordable childcare programs and one on one mentoring helps ensure our children have the support they need outside of the classroom.

Here is sample of how some of our partner agencies change the lives of people in our community:

Hospice of South Central Indiana

Karen was on the top of her game when health challenges began setting her back.

She was an inspirational speaker, sports commentator and was honored by the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Beginning in 2010, poor health led to multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, treatments, and appointments with a myriad of physicians.  A referral to Hospice of South Central Indiana and their Palliative Care team in 2020 is being credited with giving Karen the will to fight through her health issues.

“In the course of my illness, I had been facing adversity and one roadblock after another until God led me here.” Specialists on her team helped her manage her pain and other symptoms and helped give her peace. 

“My Palliative Care team, Sarah, Lindsay and Amy are my Charlie’s Angels…the peace that comes from the love I feel from my team and the way they believe in me makes me believe in myself. The Lord has sustained me through this Palliative Care team. When you feel love you feel more fight.”      

Turning Point Domestic Violence Services

The woman left an abusive marriage with her three children and was homeless.  

She got legal and housing assistance through Turning Point and now she is financially stable and is flourishing. 

The client worked closely with Turning Point’s non-residential program and worked on budgeting and money management.  Acceptance into Section 8 housing gave her a stable home and allowed her to become more financially stable.

Lincoln Central Family Neighborhood Center 

She was laid off in 2020 because of Covid-19 and had quickly drained through her savings trying to keep her family afloat. 

Brandy turned to Lincoln Central Family Neighborhood Center and is now back on a path to financial stability. Lincoln Central was able to assist Brandy with food, utilities, rent and household necessities.

After her immediate needs were met, a financial adviser was able to help her with long-term budgeting to get her back on a path to financial stability once she was able to return to work. 

Bills still needed paid when began work. Lincoln Central referred her to an advisor who helped her start a budget and create a retirement account. At the beginning of 2021, her support had allowed her to return to where she was before the pandemic upended her finances.

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