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Community members recount when UW agencies helped them thrive

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Relocating to a safer home

United Way agency offers support for woman in domestic violence situation

A local woman needed help to escape a domestic violence situation and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services Residential Shelter was there to help her.

Turning Point is one of 17 agencies in Bartholomew County that is supported by United Way of Bartholomew County.

At the shelter, the woman was given shelter, food and clothes to help her get started in a new life. They also assisted her with employment resources.  

“The staff at the shelter were always helpful and encouraging and I was given the time I needed to relocate,” she said.

Throughout her stay, she was shocked at the amount of people who needed help escaping domestic violence.

“I was very surprised to see so many in need of services. Women (and men) came at times with nothing but the clothes on their backs; children in tow. How wonderful that there is a place one can go when in need of emergency help” she said.

Job training helps couple succeed

United Way agencies worked to give couple financial stability

The couple was stuck in low paying jobs and were struggling to support their family.  

Curtis and Renae wanted more for themselves and their family. United Way and certified agencies were there for the couple when they needed it most.

Renae heard about Bartholomew County Works at Lincoln Central Family Neighborhood Center and signed up for the job training classes. Then, Curtis signed up.

The job training led to higher wages, stable hours and benefits for the couple. Curtis earned a certification which led to a $3 increase in wages and Renae loves her job so much, she volunteers to work extra shifts.  

Now, the couple is in the beginning stages of buying a home of their own.

*Renae and Curtis’ names were changed.

Thrive Alliance helps woman thrive

Woman with developmental issues receives help she needs

Last spring, officers brought a woman suffering from frostbite to Columbus Regional Health.

Hospital workers found her to be incapacitated and unable to make her own decisions because of mental health issues and developmental delays.

A year later, with the help of a United Way certified agency, the woman is now thriving.

When none of her family members were able to help, Thrive Alliance stepped in and provided the assistance she needed.  

Thrive Alliance is one of 17 agencies who is partially funded by the United Way of Bartholomew County.

Thrive was able to obtain guardianship of the woman and worked to find a wonderful a nursing facility that would provide her the best care for her personal needs.

Eight months later, she is living in a group home and developing healthy friendships with other adults and around people who care about her and her well-being.

She now works in a workshop for spending money and has higher self-esteem.

Grateful to give back

Woman receives help, begins volunteering 

Kami had struggled with substance abuse which led to her losing her job, custody of her child and caused stints in jail. 

Although, her last arrest changed her life. Her family pledged that they would not bail her out of jail this time. She sat in jail and detoxed.

The day after her release, she sought out Lincoln Central Family Neighborhood Center for help. They were able to assist in getting her into a rehabilitation center.

After five months of rehabilitation, she was released and began living with a family member. 

Kami’s former job took her back, she opened her first ever savings account and received the legal help she needed to regain custody of her child.

Now she has her own home and she and her daughter are volunteering together at Lincoln Central Family Neighborhood Center—the same organization that changed her life forever.

*Kami’s name was changed.

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