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Shelter from the storm

Linda's journey

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As Harvey threatened, Linda prepared to ride out the storm. She had water and supplies and figured she’d be fine at home for a few days.

Linda has a disability that prevents her from moving quickly and, afraid her mom would get stuck if the water rose, one of her daughters insisted Linda come and stay with her. A few days after she packed a bag and left, Linda got a call from one of her neighbors. Their street was under several feet of water.

When Linda was able to get into her home a couple weeks later, she could see just how high the water had been. Five feet of floodwater had sat in her home for a week before it began receding.

Nearly everything Linda owned had been destroyed – her car, her furniture, her medicine, her family memories. As Linda looked around wondering where and how to start picking up the pieces, someone knocked on her door.

It was a United Way partner and they were there to see whether Linda needed help.

That visit was the first step in Linda’s recovery. She was immediately connected with a disaster case manager to help her navigate and access resources. Her disaster case manager helped her get FEMA assistance, get into a hotel, and get the repairs to her home started.

United Way’s investments also helped Linda replace furniture, appliances and other items in her home. Even after Linda was able to move back into her home, a 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE specialist continued to walk her through the process and connect her with resources to help with lingering needs.

“I have been shown so much love and so much support throughout this entire thing,” Linda says. “I don’t even feel devastated anymore.”

Linda had been a United Way donor for many years but never thought that she would need United Way’s help herself. In times of disaster and every day, United Way is here for our neighbors and our community

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