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Housing, health and wellness, life skills, and employment: Men transitioning out of prison need all of these things to be successful. Better Futures Minnesota provides it.

“The men who come to us are phenomenal,” says Dr. Thomas Adams, president and CEO of Better Futures.

This nonprofit partner of Greater Twin Cities United Way is an ambitious social enterprise that works with men with challenging backgrounds to help them stabilize their lives and become self-sufficient, productive individuals.

Many of the men have experienced long-term homelessness and long-term unemployment. All have felony convictions.

In fact, in our state, only 27 percent of ex-offenders have earned a high school diploma or GED, and only 22 percent have more education than that. Job and life skills are critical to building stable lives.

This program’s integrated model provides housing, health and wellness, employment and life-skills coaching that prepares men to prosper once they leave Better Futures, ensuring stability for them and their families.

“United Way understands that without a person being emotionally, physically, and psychologically healthy, they can’t hold a job, and if you can’t hold a job, it starts that downward spiral of going back to incarceration,” says Adams.

When men leave the Better Futures program, they have the needed certifications and drive to be productive employees and advance the bottom line of businesses and Fortune 500 companies across the Twin Cities.

By reconnecting with their families and the community and landing good jobs, these men are finding their piece of the American dream. Says Adams, “Transformational activities happen here every day.”

From community assistance to health care, from education to social issues, Greater Twin Cities United Way creates a community that works for everyone.

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