How to Prioritize Expenses

Covering Essentials First

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Many people are experiencing financial impacts from the COVID-19 Pandemic. While stimulus checks have been sent out and received by most Americans, the one time payments may only help for so long. If you're thinking about what the best way to use any extra income, please consider covering the essentials first.

1. Food. If you need help finding food or resources for groceries, check our Community Resource Page for organizations and locations that will help with this need.

2. Housing. You may have heard that evictions and foreclosures are temporarily suspended. That does not mean that you do not have to pay your rent/mortgage. Those bills are still due, and should be a prioritized in order to secure your housing for the long-term. Pay your rent/mortage payments for one or two months ahead if possible.

3. Utilities. Many utility companies are offering grace-periods for shut-offs in light of the COVID-19 Crisis. These bills should still remain a priority, whether in-part, or in-whole. Contact your utility company to learn if they are offering help and when their grace period may end.

4. Taxes. The deadline to file and pay in for taxes has been extended to July 15th. If you haven't paid your taxes, consider using the money to take care of this expense. 

If you are in need during this time, please fill out our COVID Assistance Referral Form. This will link you to the right organization who can give you the best support. Please allow 2 business days to get a response. 

Did you receive your stimulus check but don't need it to cover essentials? Please consider giving to our COVID-19 Response Emergency Relief Fund to help those most impacted by the pandemic. 

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