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Fourth grade students at St. Ambrose .
Fourth grade students at Redding Elementary.
Fourth grade students at Medora School.
Half of the fourth grade students at Jackson Elementary.
Fourth grade students at Emerson Elementary.

Friday, March 7th was a big day for JACSY! For the first time in 20 years, the JACSY contest came back into classrooms, bringing the valiant knight to the next generation of youth in Jackson County. 

Last year, the Jackson County United Way launched a campaign to bring JACSY back. Funds were raised for a mascot costume that would be the new face of an old favorite. For many, the JACSY poster-drawing contest was a staple of their elementary school days. And a lot of adults have shared their stories about winning the contest when they were young. From the mid-1960s to 1999, thousands of Jackson County students had their chance to draw JACSY and create a slogan for the year's annual fundraising campaign. Winners would receive a pizza party for their class.

When JCUW decided to bring back the contest, we wanted to modernize and bring it up to a 20th-century standard. We consulted several fourth grade teachers throughout the county to come up with the best ways to engage students. In our new JACSY contest, Director of Engagement, Emily Engelking, went around to schools to do a lesson about community service and JACSY. Students learned about what a community is, different organizations in our local community, and how to get involved no matter what their age is. The kids learned big ways and small ways they could do community service, and culminated their lesson learning the ten steps to planning a big community project

The contest rules have changed as well. As many people remember, the JACSY contest was artistic and creative. With the re-launch, we have built on this and are asking students to write a short, creative-writing-style story. They must answer the prompt: "Write your own story about JACSY doing a project in the community. What would he do and how could you help?" Kids are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box for what they see as a need in their community. 

With e-Learning in full swing, schools who did not have the option of an in-person lesson where given access to the lesson online and able to submit the writing portion virtually. JCUW will be wrapping up the contest on April 17th, and winners will be chosen through a committee. There will be a winner from each school who participated, as well as an overall county winner. 

Do you have a story about winning the JACSY contest or your original poster? Please email Emily Engelking (emily@jacsy.org) to share!

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