Emily and Diego Iturbe: Focused on Today while Building for Tomorrow

Tocqueville Member Spotlight

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For San Antonio natives Emily and Diego Iturbe, supporting local doesn’t just
apply to their favorite restaurants and small businesses, but also drives their
philanthropic endeavors. Diego and Emily were first introduced to United Way
when they lived in Laredo and Diego served on the Board of Directors for the
United Way of Laredo. When the Iturbes returned to San Antonio in early 2020,
they began to find ways to get involved to strengthen the community that they

The dynamic mix of members coming together to create a better San Antonio is what
initially drove Emily, the Community Engagement Coordinator for CAST schools,
and Diego, the General Manager for North Park Lincoln at Dominion, to join the
Tocqueville Society earlier this year. They recognize the duality of need in
supporting organizations like United Way working to address immediate crises,
such as hunger and homelessness, while keeping a focus on the long-term,
sustainable solutions leading to self-sufficiency and generational change. The
Iturbes are specifically interested in work focused on education as an investment
in our future and shared that they choose to donate to United Way due to the
“impressive efficiency, vast scope of operations, and its numerous strategic

Participating with United Way is not the only way that Emily and Diego give back. They also
enjoy volunteer activities that foster a sense of community, especially during
the holiday season. During this time of year, you can find them helping with
toy drives for Blue Santa, volunteering at the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving
Dinner, and working on campaigns to support our school educators. Participating
in charity "Gran Fondo" bike rides and 5K runs that raise money and
awareness for great causes are other ways that they give back locally, while
staying active. 

Emily and Diego shared that they have already found the Tocqueville Society to be a
source of great inspiration and thoughtful stewardship. Like many, they don’t
contribute to receive a benefit but have found the warm welcome from our
members through our in-person events an added bonus to the impact created with
their Tocqueville gift. When asked about the legacy they are leaving behind,
the Iturbes humbly responded that the term can often ring grandiose. Instead,
they want their small actions to inspire others to get involved, citing the
difference that can be made through social media as a cost-effective approach
to foster advocacy and community building. We are thankful for Emily and Diego
who are creating lasting change in our community through their Tocqueville
Society membership and active engagement! Look for Emily and Diego at The
Pearl, around Southtown, or at the Tobin catching a performance on the weekends
and help us welcome them as new members to the Tocqueville Society!

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