Investing in her Future

De'ja's one step closer to her dream

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For as long as she can remember, De’ja has dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Now a senior in high school, she is one step closer to her dream; she will attend Duke University this fall. De’ja’s mom has long joined in her dream to be a first-generation college student. But, like many families, De’ja and her mom understand the financial barriers to receiving a college education.

Wells Fargo Advisors believes that saving early is one of the most important steps in a family’s journey to sending their child to college. This is why Wells Fargo Advisors partnered with United Way of Greater St. Louis on the Focus on College! Program, aimed at helping families like De’ja’s begin saving for college.

The program provides families with financial education classes to build knowledge, learn strategies and receive tools for investing in their children’s future. Families are encouraged to open a college savings account and can receive matched savings and scholarship contributions to the account through the program. Since the start of the Focus on College! Program in 2014, more than 250 families have participated in the program, saving more than $137,000 for college.

This year, De’ja received the grand prize of a $5,290 scholarship from Wells Fargo Advisors for her winning essay on her dream of becoming a prosecutor.

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