After-School Care Provides A Path To A New Life

United Way's support for After-School Center Helps One Family Establish American Roots

Five-year old Miguel arrived in the U.S. from Brazil with his family in August 2018. His parents both obtained minimum-wage jobs and began working full-time. Although Miguel's parents enrolled him in Kindergarten in the Danbury Public Schools, the family also needed after-school care while his parents worked.

United Way funding allowed Miguel's hard-working parents to enroll their son in an accredited after-school center, which wound up benefiting Miguel in many ways.

“When Miguel first arrived at our center he did not know any English and was unfamiliar with American culture,” the center director said. “Today Miguel is thriving. He is becoming proficient in English, he’s learning how to read, and he is making friends with other students.”

Without funding from United Way, Miguel would most likely end up in unlicensed, unaccredited after-school care. He would not be getting the extra help with language, literacy, and social skills that he needs to build a successful life in the U.S. His parents can start their new life in this country knowing that their son is on the right track for a brighter, more secure future.

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