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“I had pushed away everyone who cared about me. I reached a point where all I could think about was my son growing up without a dad.” Alex’s battle with substance use disorder is not a unique case. Today, deaths from opioid overdose and poisoning in Indiana outnumber deaths from car accidents. Alex went on: “By the time I was ready for treatment, I was so confused by where to go, whether my family might ever speak to me again, how I might get my job back…I was so grateful to find there were people in the community who want to help me stay sober, and they've never even met me.”

Thanks to donors like you, United Way of Southwestern Indiana has boots on the ground in the community, listening to and speaking with community members about what it’s really like to live in towns hit hard by heroin and other opioids. Donors can trust that their investment is put to work for what real people tell us is needed most to support treatment and recovery efforts, keep families intact, and help people get back to work.

When all of us come together to tackle the opioid epidemic, we fight for Alex and his son. When we bring your donor dollars together with the power of volunteer leadership, we win by living United. In his words, “when the United Way volunteer came to talk to me about my struggle, she was real. It was the first time I've ever really felt listened to. I never knew my experience would matter to anyone.”

Donate today to help community members like Alex win his fight.

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