Growing Young Learners

Growing Young Learners
Laying the roots of success

Zora Chen is just one Eaton volunteer helping migrant children to lay the roots of a strong education. She's been involved with United Way in Shanghai since 2012 and with the Sprout Initiative since it was just a seed of an idea in 2013. Wondering what Sprout is all about?

You can think of it like a garden, growing the skills of youth in Shanghai. The program offers three key services:

  • "Soil" Action: Trains caregivers and provides daycare centers with sufficient teaching aids
  • "Rain" Action: Provides children with painting utensils and books
  • "Sunshine" Action: Provides volunteer opportunities to help children

Zora Chen reads to one student in the program. Zora and the other Eaton China volunteers lead all sorts of activities, from reading books to teaching students about other cultures through pictures and songs.

And sunshine is an apt metaphor to describe Zora's support. In fact, she has a long-standing history working with community and international charities. Raising her own young daughter, she also can see the clear gap between public education and the migrant schools and how important it is to close that gap. "The migrant children deserve a better education," she said. "Investment in early childhood is valuable for their development in the future."

This early education initiative is the first joint effort between United Way and the Shanghai Charity Foundation, with a goal of improving early learning opportunities for 30,000 children living in Shanghai. With the help of volunteers like Zora, we can make sure no child in Shanghai is left behind, no matter where they were born.

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