The world has a to-do list for a better future

Show up with United Way LINC®

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better planet by 2030. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals, challenge us to end poverty and inequality, expand access to education, and create sustainable communities for all. But to achieve anything we need to show up.

United Way LINC empowers the next generation of community leaders, philanthropists and all those who want to make a change for people and planet. Guided by the #GlobalGoals, it is now up to all of us to work together to build a better future for every person in every community.

Learn more with United Way LINC and together, let’s become the generation that ends poverty and fights injustice.

You're here
because you care.
So do we.

Your story is intertwined with United Way's. Together, we're creating a generation of hand raisers, game changers, and moment makers who act on behalf of our communities.