Affording Quality Education Becomes Easier For Local Family

Affording Quality Education Becomes Easier For Local Family
Mom and Child Find Great Fit with Preschool Promise

Samuel's mom calls him Sammy. They live in Westwood, Ohio, and his mom will send Sammy to high-quality preschool thanks to Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

Sammy's mom, Marquira, said that it can be hard to maintain keeping up with paying for Sammy's educational needs and paying bills, and trying to pay everything on time. The director of Sammy's current program referred Marquira to Preschool Promise. "She called me and said I was best fit for this program. I did my research by going to United Way, and reading about how it was a great program - not just for Samuel and me, but for a lot of parents out there that want to send their children to preschool," said Marquira. "Preschool Promise my kid succeed to go forward in life."

More about Cincinnati Preschool Promise: Tuition Assistance funds help families pay for highly-rated quality preschool. Assistance will be provided in the form of tuition credits paid directly to a Preschool Promise provider selected by the family. Families who live within the boundary of the Cincinnati Public School District are eligible to apply. Preschool Promise will prioritize Tuition Assistance for those who need it most, starting with 4-year old children from families with household incomes at or below 200% of the poverty level ($48,600 for a family of four).

As you can see, Sammy's joy is infectious and we believe it will be enhanced by his ability to receive a quality education.

Sammy is one of 365,000 lives changed annually by United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

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