United we put good health within reach.

The 2-1-1 program shares community resources easily.

Every day, individuals and families face barriers to good health, often times because of where they live. But at United Way, we fight for the health of every person in every community. We believe well-being shouldn’t depend on your zip code.

Our 2-1-1 program provides U.S. and Canadian populations with the resources they need to live thriving, healthy lives. And the impact shows - in 2017 alone, the program answered more than 13.8 million calls and almost 1 million texts, web chats, and emails.

Localized 2-1-1 includes resources for:
Physical and mental health
Emergencies and disasters
Human trafficking

With your support, the 2-1-1 program can continue to provide resources to community residents who need them most, helping them live to their full potential and thrive - because good health should always be within reach, no matter where you live.


You're here
because you care.
So do we.

Your story is intertwined with United Way's. Together, we're creating a generation of hand raisers, game changers, and moment makers who act on behalf of our communities.