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As the Coronavirus situation evolves, the 211 'ENTER YOUR LUW NAME' Helpline call volume has skyrocketed as the number of cases increases. 

People are calling for help. With questions. With pressing needs as workplaces and schools close, public events are canceled, and uncertainty dominates our daily lives.

Already stretched beyond capacity with more than 100,000 incoming calls each year, our 211 call specialists are struggling to deal with the influx of calls about COVID-19.

During this crisis, you can support our 211 team, who operate on the frontlines of providing help and resources to those in need. 

United Way is here to provide what’s needed, where it’s needed. As work schedules are cut or jobs are eliminated because of the virus, we know that people will need help covering basic expenses, like rent or mortgage, food, utility bills, and healthcare. 

Generosity of spirit and support are powerful antidotes to adversity and hardship. Please support our COVID-19 Community Fund today.

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