Do you know these 3 facts about United Way of Allen County?

Thank you for joining the fight to improve lives in Allen County

Together, We Can

Building a strong community that takes care of everyone who lives here depends on your generous support.

Every day people like you give time and money to help neighbors in our community
thrive. UNITED they help find solutions to address hunger, low literacy rates,
homelessness, and other social crises through their support of United Way of
Allen County.

But do you know all the good you are doing when you join the fight? Here are three
things you might not know about United Way.

  1. We fight for health. By making it easier for individuals to access safety net services, we’re fighting to help everyone get—and stay—healthy. The Emergency Relief Fund allowed us to offer grants to nonprofit organizations providing support for immediate needs and economic stability. 

  2. We fight for education. We’re fighting to shift the odds so tomorrow’s leaders can build a better foundation today. With an approach to education that spans from cradle to career, we’re ensuring every child gets a strong start in life, teenagers have the tools to learn and grow, and young adults thrive in the job

  3. We fight for financial stability. We’re fighting to put every person, in every community, on a path toward financial empowerment. Our partnership
    with funded partner agencies assists Allen County with access to services, job
    training and money management programs.

    Thank you for supporting United Way of Allen County and the people in our


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