Emergency Relief Fund | SCAN, Inc.

You Saved Lives When COVID-19 Hit.


With your help, we have Responded. Now, we need your help to continue responding so that we can Recover and Rebuild.

The Emergency Relief Funds were utilized to purchase masks for all of SCAN, Inc.’s staff, as well as the clients that they serve. Both children and adults were given masks in order for visitations to take place and in-home services to resume after the community-wide shutdown. These funds also allowed for the purchase of a wide range of cleaning supplies (disinfectant, air quality machines, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and gloves) for the extensive cleaning protocols that needed to be developed, implemented, and maintained throughout the agency, as well as equipping staff with additional cleaning supplies for their cars, during transportation.

Purchasing masks allowed SCAN, Inc. to reopen its doors to families who had been separated for nearly three months due to COVID-19 precautions. SCAN, Inc. was able to arm their frontline workers and home-based visitors with masks for staff, parents, and children so they could facilitate one-on-one visitations once again. SCAN, Inc. explains how reunions were joyous, though sometimes confusing, for many families as they rebuilt their bond and transitioned from virtual visits to in-person connections. For two months now, families have been able to come back into the office safely due to support through United Way of Allen County. Cleaning products keep the office clean, limited items in the visitation rooms reduce transmission risks, and masks for everyone during the visit gives everyone peace of mind.

“Thank you for taking care of the practical details so families can focus on the hard work of rebuilding a bond after experiencing abuse and neglect” shares SCAN, Inc.

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