Ensure Everyone has a Home for the Holidays

Your gift helps us rapidly rehouse families and prevent homelessness.

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Your gift will help us rapidly rehouse families and prevent homelessness for countless others.

Having a place to call home is one of the most basic human needs. We know that this holiday season will see a flood of evictions and a housing crisis when the hotel housing ends and people need permanent housing. (Many in shelters are currently housed in hotels to reduce COVID-19 risks.) 

Costs include: 

  • $20 to provide meals for a displaced family
  • $50 to buy a winter coat for a child who is facing homelessness
  • $100 to cover storage costs for a family during a housing transition
  • $500 to pay for moving costs for a family

Evictions in our region are increasing at a staggering pace, with more people out of work or working fewer hours because of the pandemic.

In one month alone, our 211 Helpline received nearly 4,000 calls for help with housing assistance.  

That’s nearly 4,000 families finding themselves on the brink of eviction or looking for a place to stay warm for the night. They need your help today.

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