Equity and Social Justice Fund

Support educational, economic, health, and social equity for all.

Support Equity For All

Your gift helps us provide equal access to opportunity and fuels our fight for social justice.

At United Way, we fight against inequity and injustice every day.

We have known for too long that our minority communities are forced to battle centuries-old institutional and systemic barriers as they seek equal opportunity in their workplaces, in their neighborhoods, and in our world.

Our Black, Brown, and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have been hit hard recent crises, including the pandemic and racial violence. 

Both have exposed deeply rooted barriers to opportunity and longstanding discrimination and prejudice directed at those who are marginalized and discounted because of their race, their job, or their income. 

We vigorously reject and vehemently oppose racism, discrimination, prejudice, and injustice in all forms. Our collective work toward equity as a community must include equal access for all to the opportunities, rights, privileges, and protections society has to offer.

Your support of United Way’s Equity and Social Justice Fund will help us:

  • Fight discrimination and injustice in our region
  • Address inequities in United Way Neighborhood Zones
  • Ensure educational equity for all students, including Young Men United, our program to help Baltimore City students achieve a college education; and
  • Fund organizations focused on addressing racial inequity.

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