Every New Mother and Baby Deserve a Safe, Secure Home

New mom finds herself homeless. Read what happened.

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Between an unpredictable sleep schedule, constant crying, and the unfamiliar intricacies of taking care of an infant, the first few weeks as a new mother are tough. But one challenge mom Marina didn’t expect so soon after welcoming her daughter into the world was becoming homeless.

After returning from the hospital, Marina and her infant daughter were initially able to stay with a family member. Soon, however, the living arrangement became too stressful and the pair was asked to move out.

Without a job or source of income, Marina didn’t see any viable housing options, so she turned to United Way, which offers housing programs so that people can find—and stay in—their homes.

United Way helped Marina find a two-bedroom apartment—perfect for her growing family— and temporarily covered her expenses while she searched for a job. Now, with a job in the restaurant industry, Marina can support her family without assistance and is currently transitioning out of the program.

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