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Video Credit: United Way of Central Maryland. FISH Project shrimp bring big flavor to Mother's Day Brunch.

FISH Project shrimp bring big flavor to Mother's Day Brunch

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In a state where more than 350,000 people don’t have access to healthy food, every nutritious meal can become a single recipe for success.

The FISH Project—Feeding Individuals to Support Health—brings protein-rich seafood to people who can’t afford or access healthy food. The latest FISH harvest was shrimp, which became a featured item in a special Mother’s Day brunch held at Baltimore’s Franciscan Center, which supports those in need. More than 200 meals were served.

The FISH Project is a unique partnership that includes United Way of Central Maryland, McCormick & Company, the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) and the J.J. McDonnell seafood company.

"Change happens together," said Franklyn Baker, president and CEO of the United Way of Central Maryland. "Working with our partners in the FISH Project, we're able to provide a special, nutritious meal to people in need—and mothers especially."

The shrimp, and a previous harvest of bronzini fish, were grown in IMET's Aquaculture Research Center using advanced technology that ensures healthy, nutritious fish produced in a totally sustainable way with no release of pollution to the environment.

While IMET supplies the fish, JJ McDonnell processes and distributes the fish to partner nonprofits that reach the underserved community directly, like the Franciscan Center and Maryland Food Bank. McCormick's Flavor for Life® program also provides simple, healthy recipes that use low-cost ingredients, which are distributed to the community along with the fresh fish.

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