Fishing for a Solution to Hunger

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In Central Maryland, more than 319,000 people don’t have access to healthy food. The average Maryland SNAP (food stamps) benefit awarded is just $30 per week, per person – and typically the cheapest grocery options are not the healthiest. But some communities will now have access to a source of healthy, high-quality protein: seafood.

The Feeding Individuals to Support Health (FISH) Project, the first public-private partnership of its kind, is spearheaded by United Way of Central Maryland and includes McCormick & Co., the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET), University of Maryland, Baltimore County and seafood wholesaler JJ McDonnell.

The FISH Project's first harvest was bronzini, a Mediterranean sea bass that can be easily prepared. Future growth and harvest cycles include shrimp, and deliveries will be made to partner nonprofits that reach the underserved community directly, like the Franciscan Center and Maryland Food Bank.

Like much of United Way's work, the impact and results are amplified by strategic partnerships such as this. A major supporter of the project, McCormick’s Flavor for Life program also will be providing simple, healthy recipes that utilize low-cost ingredients, which will be distributed to the community along with the fresh seafood.

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