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Guy and Nupur Parekh Flynn Donate $1 Million to United Way

Setting the stage for the next generation of philanthropists in Baltimore

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“As people have shown us the way, we need to show the next generation the way.” –Nupur Parekh Flynn

In a big win for our community, United Way is pleased to announce the newest—and 13th—members of our Million Dollar Roundtable in its 95-year history: Guy and Nupur Parekh Flynn. Their recent $1 million investment will help support the expansion of United Way programs and services in Poppleton (West Baltimore) and the work of area nonprofits focusing on the arts, education, social justice, and health and human services.

“We’re very optimistic about Baltimore,” said Nupur, who was raised here; she and Guy live in Baltimore City. “While it has its issues, I love the city. We have great neighborhoods, culture, terrific resources and organizations—and we have stamina and love.” With their gift, the couple will help drive the good work of organizations in the city where they live, work, and play.

When asked about their concerns for the community, they cited education and young people. “There’s got to be a way for people to feel there is a better tomorrow for them. We were drawn to United Way’s initiatives in this area and how they help bridge the gap in what’s possible for young people in Baltimore and the region.”

The couple saw this work in action on a tour of the United Way Family Center at southwest Baltimore’s Benjamin Franklin High School, which provides free, onsite childcare and an early education program for the children of teen parents at the school.

With affordable, reliable childcare a scarcity in the area (not to mention nationwide), the Family Center allows teen parents to stay in school instead of quitting to care for their child, and focus on graduating—not on finding a childcare provider or the money to pay for one. The Family Center boasts an almost 80% graduation rate for teen parents in the program, compared with a 40% national rate.

“This is a program that works,” said Guy. “The student sees they have goals and hope and the child is in a safe environment. It was a no brainer to get involved with this kind of work.”

Giving back to others was emphasized in both households when Guy and Nupur were growing up, and the couple see philanthropy as more than money—it’s also gifts of time, talent, and compassion—and as a way to enrich their lives by enriching the lives of others. “I got a lot of support from my mentors, and now I can pay it forward,” said Guy.

Both Guy and Nupur were impressed with how easy it was to get involved with United Way’s work and to ramp up their giving over time with flexible philanthropy options including step-up grants.

When asked what they tell others United Way means to them, Nupur replied, “Integrity and impact and love. This is not a startup. It’s constantly evolving because the problems are changing. We hope our gift will be a catalyst for other young philanthropists.”

United Way is deeply grateful for the Flynn’s generosity of spirit and their commitment to our organization and our community.

Nupur Parekh Flynn, a former managing director of marketing and public relations at Brown Capital Management, was a previously a political appointee at the U.S. Agency for International Development and a marketing executive at DLA Piper. She is a trustee of LifeBridge Health, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Open Society Institute-Baltimore. She recently joined United Way Worldwide’s U.S. Council on Tocqueville and Million Dollar Roundtable so she will be representing UWCM not only locally but on a national level.

Guy Flynn is chairman of DLA Piper’s Maryland Real Estate Practice and partner-in-charge of its downtown Baltimore Office. He is a trustee and board president-elect of The Walters Art Museum; a trustee and executive committee member of the Baltimore Community Foundation; a trustee of the Living Classrooms Foundation, a director of Maryland Legal Aid; a governor of The Center Club; and a member of the Baltimore City Board of Ethics.

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