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Your gift keeps Marylanders in homes, helps kids in school, and provides access to healthy food and jobs that pay the bills.

After completing United Way of Central Maryland’s 30|30 Experience, you quickly learned why so many hardworking people can’t make ends meet.

A $30 gift provides three healthy, delicious meals for a family in need.

If you haven’t experienced financial hardships firsthand, it can be difficult to understand the challenges and choices vulnerable families face every day. We hope that this experience illuminates just what they’re up against—and what United Way of Central Maryland and its supporters are doing to help.

A $300 gift means that 5 students enrolled in our CNA/GNA nursing programs recieves a scrubs, safety glasses, and a stethoscope.

Can you be one of those supporters? Your gift will ensure that we can continue to promote equity and increase access to education, employment, health, and housing in Greater Baltimore.

A $3000 gift equals bright, happy smiles for people in need of dentures who have been hiding.

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