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84 percent. That’s the percentage of high school kids who graduate on time from public schools in the United States. In one year, over 500,000 young adults will leave high school without a diploma.

United Way is committed to ensuring that students stay in school and get the support and resources they need—and deserve—to help them graduate from high school.

Many kids drop out of school not by choice but because of obstacles that prohibit them from furthering their education. These young men and women may attend poorly resourced schools, deal with poverty, family crisis, language barriers, or not a lot of positive role models in their lives.

This is where United Way and our affiliates step in to create an all-encompassing support system for at-risk youth that starts at an early age and follows the kids every step of the way so that they can walk across that graduation stage.

Our dropout prevention program, On Track 4 Success, helps kids in challenged neighborhoods succeed in school.

The program connects kids in need with academic coaching, counseling, health resources, and more, to get them back on the back to academic success.

Based on groundbreaking research, On Track 4 Success is a collaborative program that uses school-based support teams and United Way staff who look at a student’s ABCs—attendance, behavior, and coursework performance—to quickly identify issues that could lead to their later dropping out.

The decision to quit school isn't made in one day. It’s a thought that builds over time. With your help, United Way can step in early and support kids as they pass algebra tests, write essays, and eventually don their cap and gown, ready for the next steps in their lives.

Your donation today will go directly to funding On Track 4 Success and other initiatives that focus on increasing high school graduation rates in Greater Baltimore.


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