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The true measure of a hero

When Ron, a former Green Beret, found himself in court on a misdemeanor assault charge, he was hopeless and scared. That was until his case for the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC)—a program that gives area veterans the help they need to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient, rather than serve jail time, and avoid criminal records that can limit future housing and job options.

Like many men and women who have served active duty in the military, Ron had hard time navigating the transition back to civilian life. He had PTSD, a brain injury, and anxiety and trust issues.

The VTC matches participants with mentors who are also veterans, and can provide support and guidance for health, employment, legal, financial, counseling, and other services. When veteran participants reach program milestones, they get “dog tags” recognizing their resilience, honor, courage and dedication during the course of the program. Graduates are awarded a stately “leave no veteran behind” keepsake challenge coin that represents their journey.

The thought of returning to the courthouse in order to participate in the program made Ron wary. Over time, however, he developed rapport with the Judge, his mentor, the attorneys and his service providers. “I began to see that everyone was for me, not against me.”

Today, Ron has successfully completed the program, and is now enrolled in school where he’s studying how to help others who suffer from emotional pain. He’s a man who has faced adversity, demonstrated perseverance and has come full circle. He is truly a hero.

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