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Owen's Story

Every kid deserves a chance to graduate.

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Owen, a fourth-grader, was a chronic troublemaker at school. A veteran teacher called him “one of the toughest students I’ve ever had.” His behavior distracted his classmates and frustrated his teachers, and he was in danger of failing many of his classes.

But that’s changed, thanks to United Way’s On Track 4 Success program that helps struggling students in challenged neighborhoods do better in school and stay on track to graduate.

The program paired Owen with a United Way social worker who addressed the underlying anxiety that was causing him to act out.

By the end of the school year, he was getting along better with his teachers and classmates, and his grades improved from F’s to C’s and even some A’s.

Thanks to On Track 4 Success, Owen got the help he needed to get back on track in school with a brighter future ahead of him.

Every kid deserves a chance to graduate. Thank you for helping kids like Owen.

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