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Your gift will improve lives and neighborhoods in Greater Baltimore

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Your gift keeps Marylanders in homes, helps kids in school, and provides access to healthy food and jobs that pay the bills.

Thanks to donations to United Way of Central Maryland, Briana was able to graduate from high school and provide a better life for her daughter. Isabella, who is blind, was able to access a food pantry to feed her family during the pandemic. Pete, an Army veteran, lost his job and then his home when COVID-19 struck. With United Way's help, he's now in a home and getting the support he needs.   

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, donors, and volunteers, United Way is prepared like no other organization to translate philanthropy into meaningful, lasting change.

We focus on what’s needed, where it’s needed, investing in programs and people making a difference in Baltimore and the surrounding counties.

Your gift to United Way supports:


Our 24-hour, free, confidential helpline answered more than 160,000 calls this past year, helping us direct our efforts to meet the needs of our community.


There are districts in our region where up to 40% of students won’t graduate from high school. Our education work puts students on the right track to earn a diploma and achieve their dreams. 


We work with our neighbors to reduce the need for assistance and remove obstacles keeping them from a job that pays the bills. Our workforce programs include specialized work initiatives with veterans and homeless persons.


Through services and partnerships, we work to rapidly rehouse those who have lost their homes and prevent homelessness for countless others, helping to reduce rent costs and waive security deposits.


We work with schools to make sure that students have nutritious meals, partner with local farms, support neighborhood fruit and vegetable gardens, and distribute meals to those in need.

We are proud to be a source of support, compassion, and hope for people who work hard but still can’t make ends meet. We make communities more livable, opportunities more equal, families more stable, and lives better for those who call Central Maryland home.

Your gift will improve lives and neighborhoods in Greater Baltimore.

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