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Alex returned from the jungles of Vietnam to a home that seemed foreign to him. With unaddressed mental health issues, he turned to substance use to deal with his depression and PTSD. Unfortunately, this led to a lengthy criminal record. He lost his apartment and became homeless. When Alex joined the Veterans Treatment Court, he received mental health services and was introduced to a supportive team to help him through the counseling process. Thanks to the program, Alex was able to get on the right medication, has a support system to lean on, and has a safe place to call home. Through the Warrior Canine Connection, Alex has found purpose as well, helping to train service dogs for his fellow veterans.

Micah entered the Veterans Treatment Court at one of the lowest points in her life—after an opioid overdose. With the help and support of the VTC’s service providers and her family, Micah embraced the substance use treatment that put her on the road to recovery. Having battled the obstacle of addiction, she was connected to employment resources through the VTC so that she could once again care for her family. She got not just a job, but a new career, and one that she quickly excelled at. Micah’s now employed full time and graduated from the VTC with the tools, outlook, and motivation to live a drug-free life—without a criminal record.

Upon successful completion of the program, charges can be removed from the participant’s record. A clean record is important, because charges can prevent someone from getting a job, a lease, or a mortgage.

Help us fight for even more veterans by supporting this critical program that serves those who have served us. 

The Veterans Treatment Court program is supported by a grant from the Maryland Judiciary’s Office of Problem-Solving Courts.

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