Volunteers vs. Students : Who's Really Smarter?

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Do you know who Bionic Booger Boy is? If you read the book, Captain Underpants, you’d know! Questions about this book and other reading-related subjects were part of our March 21 “Are You Smarter Than a Student” event. This spirited competition celebrated the kids in United Way partner schools and National Reading Month.

More than 80 United Way volunteers challenged third-graders in 10 area schools to see who had the most reading knowledge—and the students won! The event coincided with Ayers Saint Gross’ official “Jim Wheeler Days of Service,” and Jim, our former Board Chair and Chair of the Ayers Saint Gross board, brought his best to the game, cheering on the students and helping them write short essays about the experience. The kids had a terrific time, and Captain Underpants likely gained a bunch of new readers!

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