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Unexpected expenses, such as a medical emergency, can derail a life.

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Victor, a working single dad with three daughters living in Howard County, was facing eviction. He’d been taking time off work to manage child custody issues—and it showed in his paycheck. Unable to keep up with the rent, he and his girls were being forced out of their home--right before Thanksgiving.

For one in three Marylanders, unexpected expenses—such as major car repair, legal fees, or a medical emergency—can derail their life.

According to the United Way ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Report, 38% of families in Maryland can’t make ends meet.

These individuals and families make too much to get public assistance, but not enough to survive. They live paycheck to paycheck and frequently hold more than one job. They are the hardworking people we interact with every day: the cashier at your local grocery store, your childcare provider, the security guard at your workplace, the server at your favorite restaurant.

United Way has long been committed to helping the ALICE population. Its programs have helped more than 2,000 families at risk for homelessness to remain in their homes.

It’s not hard to imagine the path Victor’s family might have taken had he not been referred to United Way. Victor received financial coaching to help him with budgeting and temporary financial assistance to help with his rent. By keeping his apartment, his two older daughters could stay in their home school, avoiding a disruptive transfer that often causes grades to suffer.

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