Help cover the cost of childcare for a mom in need.


Help support a mom in need today by supporting our Family Centers.

Did you know childcare for two in Maryland averages more than $1,300 a month? In some counties, it can be as high as $2,000 a month.

For many families, childcare is their second-highest expense after housing.

You can give a working mom a break by funding the childcare and early childhood education we provide at our three Family Centers in Baltimore City and Columbia.

Donate today to help provide a week of childcare and education at our Family Centers. $400 helps cover our staff and operating costs to provide a week of care. Or consider funding a day for $80, or a half-day for $40.

It’s difficult for women earning low or moderate incomes to get ahead. You can help! Donate today to help a mom in need!

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