Helping Seniors Afford Their Meds

When prescription costs seem overwhelming, United Way is there.

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Lifetime Elkhart County residents Jack and Sonia Brown have seen ups and downs over their 50-year marriage. As health problems crept into their lives and the costs of prescription medications began piling up, Sonia began to feel overwhelmed about the rising costs of prescription medications.

“We couldn’t afford our medications, and we wouldn’t be taking them now if not for the center and their assistance,” Sonia said about Medicine Assistance Program formed by a partnership between United Way and Heart City Health.

The Browns aren’t alone. Many local families are struggling to make ends meet due to the increasing costs of medications, childcare, or housing. 

That’s why in 2018 United Way helped residents of Elkhart County save over $4 million dollars in essential prescription medications and provided financial stability supports to 1 in 7 households. 

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