Healthy Youth

Reducing teen pregnancy, violence, and victimization for youth of all genders.

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Your gift to the Healthy Youth initiative will help reduce teen pregnancy and sexual victimization in our community.

One of United Way’s key strategies in helping to reduce teen pregnancy, sexual violence, sex trafficking, and victimization for young people of all genders is the implementation of proven prevention and education programs through the Healthy Youth initiative.

Research has shown that high school girls experiencing dating violence were 4 to 6 times more likely than their non-abused peers to become pregnant and anywhere from 25-80% of adolescent mothers are in abusive relationships before, during, and/or after their pregnancies.

United Way has selected Making Proud Choices!, Reducing the Risk, and Wise Guys as its signature Healthy Youth curricula. All three programs have been used successfully in Milwaukee and nationwide. By implementing the same programs throughout the community, United Way can accurately track progress and results through common outcomes and indicators, while also forming best practices.

Since 2001 United Way has invested over $9.3 million into Healthy Youth initiative strategies, serving more than 48,000 youth and parents.

In 2020-21, United Way is investing over $460,000 in 11 Healthy Youth programs, which will serve over 2,500 Milwaukee-area youth.

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