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When asked to dream about her future, Tiffany smiles. “I see the kids playing in the backyard while I read a book in my hammock.”

Two years ago, Tiffany entered the emergency room with severe abdominal pain and alcohol addiction. The doctor warned her that, unless she changed her life, she may not live five more years.

At the time, Tiffany relied on the emergency room for her health care. Soon after this visit, she discovered she was pregnant.

Through a collaboration between Milwaukee Health Care Partnership and United Way to connect people to the care they need, Tiffany met Vincent Withers, a social worker at Aurora Sinai. Vincent set Tiffany up with primary and Obstetrics care providers, and an outpatient rehab center to combat her addiction.

Because her pregnancy was high risk, Tiffany was carefully monitored by her new OB provider. “I always felt supported,” says Tiffany. In January of 2016, Tiffany gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and now she and her kids have regular appointments with their providers.

“My life is better now,” says Tiffany. “I’ve got all this energy to be with my kids. We love to be active. In my old life, I couldn’t do that.”

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