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Since March of 2020, the word hope has been on all of our minds. We were hopeful for the health and safety of our family and friends. We were hopeful for our medical professionals, giving and risking so much to serve so many in our community. We were hopeful for an end to this once in a generation pandemic. 

For many, it's the hope for a more equitable and inclusive society. Its the hope that everyone can live a life of dignity and respect. It's the hope that we can open new doors and remove the barriers that prevent so many from fulfilling their dreams. 

While today we see hope ahead of us, we know that COVID-19's damage will take years to overcome - particularly for those living in poverty. 

But by partnering with United Way, you can transform hope into lasting change. Together, we can and will end family homelessness in our community. We can and will support students as they get back to school and back on track. We can and will ensure everyone has access to the support they need to access fulfilling, family-sustaining employment with opportunities for advancement. 

It all starts with a click - donate to United Way's Community Fund to support 220+ local programs doing all of the above and more. 

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