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It Looks Like Me: Rafaella's Story

Do you know what your United Way donation looks like?

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Rafaella left home at 15 because her home was unlivable. She jumped from house to house staying with friends. She didn’t have a lot of stability. When she became pregnant, she knew she needed to make a change, but she didn’t have a lot of options until The Opportunity Alliance’s Young Parents Program connected her to Youth & Family Outreach.

She got more support than she could have ever imagined. She acquired new parenting skills, learned how to cook healthy meals through Cooking Matters, and found a support group and “second family” for her to lean on.

“If I wasn’t connected to Youth & Family Outreach I couldn’t be the mom that I am today.”

Today, Rafaella has a full time job and is going to school for business administration. She has peace of mind knowing her daughter is safe and secure while she works to make a life for the both of them.

Do you know what your United Way donation looks like? It looks like security. It looks like giving kids a strong start.

Youth and Family Outreach and The Opportunity Alliance are funded community partners of United Way of Greater Portland working to advance Thrive2027 Goal 1 (Give our kids a strong start) by focusing on family engagement and support. Cooking Matters is a funded program of United Way of Greater Portland’s Brick & Beam Society. These programs provide parents and caregivers with information about how to best support a developing mind and body. Additionally, they ensure individuals have the resources they need to become stable in a way that will provide the best environment for a growing child.

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