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Taking Control of My Finances

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When I walk out of CA$H Greater Portland, I feel a sense of confidence in what the tax preparers have done for me and a sense of financial stability.

And it’s more than just taxes, it’s a guide that walk me through the process and make sure that I’m making the most of my money.

They ask me all the right questions. When I don’t know the answer to something, they phrase it in a way that makes more sense to me. I always feel like I’m in good hands.

This morning I got my state refund check for $543 dollars. I’m planning to use some of that money to pay off bills and the rest I’m going to put right back into my community and support my local businesses.

I want people to know about this service. This kind of program absolutely improves people's lives.

United Way of Greater Portland is one of the partners behind CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) Greater Portland, a collaboration of community non- and for-profit partners working together to help empower individuals and families to achieve long-term financial stability. Last year, CA$H Greater Portland put $1,240,483 in tax refunds back into the pockets of Greater Portland residents like Melanie.

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