Be a hero this holiday season

A helping hand goes a long way


Help our community conquer the holidays with the resources they need.

You don't need to wear a red hat or grow a beard to be a hero this holiday season.

Here in Howard and Tipton communities, United Way provides health, education, and financial resources to individuals and families every day. We believe that the ability to live fully should not depend on your zip code; access to a healthy, self-sufficient life should be available to every person in every community.

Our programming and partnerships helped provide 608,000 free meals through mobile food pantries, refund $1.5 million back to the community through Free Tax Prep, install 200 smoke alarms through a free smoke alarm installation and canvassing program and so much more!

With your support, we can resolve to help Howard and Tipton County residents start the new year with the resources needed to live up to their full potential.

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