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Step 1: Save the Mission United image to your electronic device.

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Step 2: Copy the text below & share 1 of the stories included with your Facebook friends! 

MISSION UNITED is a critical program supporting US military service members, veterans and their families in Howard and Tipton Counties by helping them access resources that allow them to live their best life. Key focus areas include employment services, legal assistance, financial services, education, health and housing support. 

Story 1: WW2 Vet story, waiting on. 

Story 2: John had hit a bit of a rough patch. When he came to the Mission United team he was homeless and despondent from his fiancée passing away. John was having legal issues and was also suicidal. John and the team at Mission United worked hard to get him back and forth to out of town court dates. The team took him to the ER after he stated he was suicidal. The team worked diligently with the VA to get him into his apartment and paid for his health insurance which resulted in him getting his much needed dentures. 

Story 3: A Veteran who had been on the waiting list to get his Habitat For Humanity home found out that he had an old large collections bill that was preventing his mortgage approval. After advocating with the collections agency along with the VA Financial Counselor, the debt was reduced to $200, which the MISSION UNITED fund paid. 

Step 3: 

Ask your friends for a specific donation! Can you donate $20 to help Veterans in Howard & Tipton Counties?

Step 4: Copy the link to donate and paste it under step 3 in your post.

Step 5: Double check that your post includes the provided image, copy and link to donate. 

Step 6: Post your Mini-Campaign and tag friends in the comments section that you think can make an impact. 

Step 7: Click the yellow button labeled Support Me to the right and fill out the form with your contact information so that we can help support your mini campaign! 

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