15 Simple Activity Ideas for Kids, Ages 3-5


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United Way of Greater Knoxville invests in quality early childhood education programs in our community. We provide tools and resources that teach parents and caregivers facts and best practices for different ages and stages of a young child’s life. From engagement ideas and using everyday moments as learning activities to ways to spark language and learning skills, we provide information that helps ensure all kids get a strong start. 

For any parents looking for tips right now. Here is a list of milestones kids should reach between the ages of three and five, as well as some easy activities that can help kids reach these goals. 


Age 3

Snapshot of Milestones



  1. Shape Jumper: Use scissors to cut out different shapes from construction paper. Tell the child to “jump on the circle” and “hop on a blue shape.”  
  2. Where I Live: Begin teaching your child your home address and phone number. Talk with your child about how each house has a number, and how their house or apartment is one of a series, each with its own number.
  3. Flip the Question: Children are especially curious at age 3 and ask “why” – a lot. Instead of giving the answer, try hesitating and then flipping the question to ask your child what they think.
  4. What Goes Where: Use everyday chores to teach kids to sort and organize. Make a pile of all the socks while folding laundry, have your child set the table or ask them to put toys of different types on different shelves when they are picking up (e.g., trucks go on this shelf and dolls go on this one).
  5. Find the Feeling: Mute the TV or go to a public place and watch people with your child. Try to guess how the people or characters you see are feeling and explain what clues made you think whether people were happy, sad or mad. 


Age 4

Snapshot of Milestones