Everyone Deserves to Thrive - Not Just Survive

211 Is Helping Knox County Bring Goals for Healthy Communities Within Reach

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With your help, we can connect those in need with critical services to make our community healthier.

Without the basic necessities and health care, life can become an unstable game of barely surviving. United Way believes that every person, family and community should have the essentials they need to have a stable, healthy life—and to thrive. 

Our goal is that, over the next decade, 90 percent of people will have access to the resources and care they need to improve their health. And, for millions of people throughout the U.S. and in Knox County, the community resource specialists at 211 are providing the connection to the critical services that can help make this goal a reality.


With one toll-free call, text or online request to 211, anyone in need can get free and confidential connections to:

  • Health care

  • Emergency counseling

  • Disaster assistance

  • Food programs

  • Stable housing 

  • Employment and education opportunities

  • Childcare and family services

  • And more 

211 resource specialists are available 24/7 and across the network they speak more than 180 languages. 

And, unlike programs that simply “patch people through” to agencies, the caring experts on the other end of the 211 line listen, identify underlying problems, and connect people with the resources and services that can provide life-changing support. 

What kind of impact does 211 have in our communities? In 2018 alone, 211s throughout the U.S. answered more than 11 million calls and nearly 1 million texts, chats and emails, providing over 12 million connections to help.

When you make a gift to United Way of Greater Knoxville, you’re helping support the 211 system that connects so many to the resources and services that can change their lives and make our community healthier and stronger. Support 211 by donating today and help those in need in Knox County go from just surviving to thriving.

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