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Help Improve the Lives of People in Our Community

Every day, people in our community face personal and social crises that affect their ability to earn a steady paycheck, pay for the basics and save for the future. From evictions and hunger to addiction, unemployment and unexpected medical bills, these issues can turn into big problems quickly.

We – the team at United Way of Greater Knoxville, our partners and supporters like you – immerse ourselves in tough problems like these and we fight. Every person in every community should be able to get a good job that supports their family and given the opportunity to advance their skills and salary.

Why We Fight

We fight because one missed paycheck, one unexpected medical bill, one unforeseen event can mean financial crisis for many local individuals and families. In the U.S. most people live paycheck to paycheck.

Being able to pay all your bills, have enough money for groceries every week, save for the future might seem like small things. But for an individual or family in financial crisis, each step is one towards financial empowerment. 

Additionally, the whole community benefits when more working individuals and families are financially stable. People who are financially stable are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies.

We fight because of people like Lou, David, and Cal. We fight because every person in our community deserves to thrive. 

Why do you fight? Tell us on Twitter using the hashtag #LiveUnited.

How We Fight

We focus on lasting solutions that go beyond short-term charity. These are solutions that start now and continue for generations. 

That means connecting neighbors who need help with the organizations that have the best resources. We help people get back on their feet by providing services such as:

  • Knox Worx: A lack of education and skills shouldn’t stand in the way of getting and keeping a good job. We help people learn the knowledge and skills they need to qualify for available jobs and move up in their company.

  • Bank On East Tennessee: Some of the biggest challenges for families and individuals living paycheck to paycheck are saving money for the future and stretching the budget they currently have. We work with people in the community to effectively manage their money and achieve their financial goals

  • Knoxville Area Urban League: Having the right knowledge and skills can be empowering – especially when it comes to managing daily finances. Through group clinics, one-on-one financial coaching and other support services we help people in the community find stable financial footing.

But change doesn’t happen alone. Help improve the lives of people in our community by supporting United Way of Greater Knoxville.

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