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When a child finds a book they love, it can be magical.

Reading opens new worlds. With a book, kids can imagine new places, think about new ideas and see themselves as anything they want to be. Reading is also the foundation for all learning. Learning math, science, technology, history – mastering all of these subjects requires kids to have strong reading skills.

That may be one of the reasons that research shows the single most significant factor influencing a child’s educational success is an introduction to books.1 Even more important, studies demonstrate that reading proficiently by third grade leads to higher rates of graduating on time2, and earning a high school diploma helps kids avoid incarceration3, find a job that pays a sustainable wage4 and live a healthier life.5

Yet too many children enter school without even the basic skills they need to learn to read. Across the country, one in four kids grows up not knowing how to read at a basic level.6 The statistics are more grave for children who come from under-resourced neighborhoods. Three in five families who struggle to make ends meet have no books in their homes for their children.7

If we want all kids to be able to be successful in school and go on to pursue higher education or be qualified for a stable job, there must be a way for more kids to build their literacy skills.

Together with volunteers in the community, United Way of Greater Knoxville gives more kids the chance to develop these important skills. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, a United Way partner, mails one book per month from age 0-5 to thousands of children in Knox County.

Because of generous community members, thousands of books are delivered to Knox County children every single month..

We’re proud of the success of the Imagination Library, but we can do more. We are looking for volunteers to help instill a love of reading in more kids. Are you ready to help?

Join your neighbors to make a difference in the lives of local kids.



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